onsdag 5 november 2008

Sprinkler i varje hem

För att se vad som väntar inom sprinklerbranchen är det alltid klokt att blicka västerut och se vad som sker över andra sidan vattnet.

Den 21:a September röstades en ny lag igenom vilken kräver sprinkler i alla bostäder som byggs från och med 2011.

Vilket genomslag detta får kommer visa sig eftersom alla 50 delstater har rätt att välja själva om de skall följa den nya lagen eller inte. I vilket fall som helst så är det ett stort steg framåt för att brandsäkrare samhälle.

Ni kan ta del av information på Eurosprinklers hemsida här.

Eller läsa följande nyhetsklipp.

USA Votes for Sprinklers in all New Homes
Monday, 22 September 2008 11:57
On Sunday, 21st September, the International Code Council, which writes the building codes used in most jurisdictions in the United States, voted to require sprinklers in all new single family homes and all other new residential construction. The requirement would take effect in 2011.

This is a major step towards sprinklers being fitted in all new homes in the US. The next step is for the 50 states individually to adopt the new code. While there is no guarantee they will do so, commentators have observed that if they do not they will leave themselves open to lawsuits should anyone die in a fire in a home built after 2011 without sprinklers.

This change was achieved despite heavy counter-lobbying by the house-building industry, which had managed to get the proposal rejected in committee. To overturn the committee decision required a 66% majority vote among the government representatives. Government representatives include fire departments and building code officials. The final result was 73% in favour of sprinklers.

For many years the US has required that sprinklers be fitted in all new buildings, with the exception of single family homes. As elsewhere in the world, that is where most fire deaths occur, so over time this measure will drastically reduce fire deaths in the US, repeating the experience of Scottsdale, Vancouver and hundreds of smaller jurisdictions in North America that already require sprinklers in all new residential construction.

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